October 2, 2018

Memoirs of a recovering coffee addict,

I used to drink a whole lot of coffee, but I rarely felt its effects. I swear, I would drink multiple cups per day and never feel wired. I think I’ve consumed so much caffeine in my life, that I’m practically immune (UNTIL BEDTIME). I’ve always loved the taste of coffee and the routine of drinking it. I also was a barista back in the day, so when I was on the clock, I’d have fun whipping together all kinds of ingredient combinations — though I have always preferred my coffee black, no sugar and iced. I like straight up hot coffee too, but it has to be the perfect scenario for me to actually order it. That probably looks something like a sit down breakfast that gives the coffee enough time to cool down so that I don’t risk burning my face off — also cold weather, which obviously isn’t common in Los Angeles.

All of that being said, a few months back, I started noticing my anxiety a bit more, coupled with some sleepless nights. The obvious easily testable (possible) solution was drinking less coffee. Around the same time I found out about Four Sigmatic from my friend & wellness goddess, Celeste of @thetruespoon.

Aside from wanting to clean up my sleep cycle, I had a long time goal and daunting task of going through my closet and decluttering my bedroom. It was usually too overwhelming to even attempt and when I did, the progress was very minimal. I was soon due to go on another trip and felt like it was the perfect time to actually conquer this task, so that I would return home to a cleansed space. I ended up getting through my entire room and walk in closet in about 4 days. That was more progress with decluttering than I had gotten done in the last decade. During those few days, I consistently drank a glass of water when I woke up (#waterbeforecoffee, a la Madelana of @itscalledbalance), made a cup of Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Coffee and some breakfast, filled out my Panda Planner (the one pictured below is a smaller version that I am finishing using) with gratitude and goals for the day, then got right to cleansing and organizing. The Adaptogen Coffee tagline is “Hack Stress” and that is just what it did for me. Another thing that has been helping with this is CBD. I am planning to do a full review on what I have been using soon!

I love Four Sigmatic because there is a product for anyone! From various mushroom coffees, to chai & matcha lattes, to a Reishi mushroom elixir that helps you chill out before bed  — they even make a mushroom lemonade. Also I must note, for those of you who aren’t fans of mushrooms (which I can’t wrap my mind around), this stuff doesn’t taste at all like mushrooms to me. It took me a little time to get used to it in comparison to my daily cold brew, but now I’m in love. I am also a huge fan of the option to buy individual packets; they’re perfect for traveling! On my recent trip to the UK and Northern Ireland I brought a month worth of packets. It’s also nice because I wasn’t going out every single morning and spending money on coffee! I now bring my packets on all of my trips, no matter how long or short they are. My recent trip to Joshua Tree was filled with mornings filling out my planner, sipping my FS coffee and reading.

Currently Reading: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

Though I do prefer iced coffee, I really enjoy making my hot morning cup of Four Sigmatic and slowly sipping it throughout the beginning of my day. It usually cools off by the time I’m halfway through, so I get my “iced” coffee fix too!

I swear I partially owe less sleepless nights, reduced anxiety, and more productivity to switching over to FS!

There ARE days when I’ll get a cold brew or cup of Joe from my favorite neighborhood spot, but 99% of the time, I’m “on shrooms”!

The most exciting part is that I’m hosting a giveaway with Four Sigmatic, so you have the chance to try it out too! (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)


Mushroom Starter Kit (comes with matcha, create and chill)

Adaptogen Coffee (hack stress) — my personal favorite

Head to my Instagram to find out how to enter!

Last thing I want to point out is the mug I use: It was my dad’s and it makes me happy to drink my coffee from it!

Happy Shrooming,

Corey, Miss Foodie Problems


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