May 25, 2022

The best cooking class in Tuscany – Florence, Italy

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I have done a couple cooking classes in the Tuscany area and am convinced I have found the best cooking class in Tuscany – whether you want a group or private setting!

The best cooking class in Tuscany – private class

My mom and I took this cooking class while we stayed at Selvabella! Marta and Bernardo host cooking classes in their main house! We really enjoyed getting to know them while they taught us classic Tuscan recipes. It is crazy to think this class is the very first time I made fresh pasta! We made pici, basically a chubbier hand rolled spaghetti, which originates nearby in the Tuscan province of Siena. It went beautifully with a simply delicious tomato-based sauce.

We also had liver crostini, beef cheek in Chianti Classico sauce with crispy taters and for dessert a caramel, chocolate ganache and sea salt “pie” in a chocolate shortbread cookie crust!

The best cooking class in Tuscany – group class

Looking for more of a social experience? Meet Lorenzo & Luca!

The best cooking class in Tuscany - Florence, Italy

They bring together the perfect dichotomy of Italian cuisine. Lorenzo coming from Milan, with Emilian and Tuscan parents & Luca born in Livorno, with southern Italian parents, more specifically Amalfi and Sicily! My mom and I enjoyed their cooking class at their wonderful farmhouse situated just 15km from Florence. If you are looking for a an authentic cooking while you are in Tuscany, theirs’ is a MUST! You get to recreate traditional recipes that have been handed down to them from their grandmothers, used for generations.

This class is in a group setting and is one of the most popular experiences on Airbnb. We got to make (and enjoy) Spaghetti alla chitarra prepared with a creamy cauliflower sauce // Ravioli filled with ricotta, pepper and pecorino in a sage butter sauce // lavender panna cotta

Since this in person cooking class, I got to enjoy a few online experiences with Luca & Lorenzo during the pandemic! Walter and I also got to visit them a few months ago to share a meal with them.

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