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Growing up just outside Pasadena, CA – my innate desire to create was evident from an early age. From crafting and sewing clothes for my stuffed animals to playing the piano and exploring nature, I found joy in bringing something new into existence. My parents played a significant role in nurturing my creative spirit, each expressing their own unique forms of creativity.

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My dad channeled his creativity through various artistic pursuits – writing, leatherwork, woodwork, calligraphy, and tending to our vibrant garden – he exemplified the embodiment of a true Renaissance soul. My mom, a dedicated nurse for over 40 years, modestly claims not to possess a creative bone in her body. However, I see her creativity shine brightly in the kitchen, where she effortlessly makes homemade meals that bring family and friends together. I have many fond memories of gathering around the dining table during holidays or just a normal weekday, savoring the dishes she poured her heart and soul into. Throughout my school years, my dad played an equally essential role in my love for food. Each day, he lovingly prepared a homemade lunch for me, complete with a handwritten note. These small gestures filled my days with warmth, reminding me of the power of personal touches and the profound impact they can have on our lives.

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Corey was such a joy to work with on our Nesquik Milk Stop campaign. She was responsive, open to feedback and overall a really positive influence on our campaign. We were very impressed with how authentic yet professional her content looked! I would be more than thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Corey again on a future campaign.

—Keli from Mosaic, for Nesquik—

Corey has been a dream to work with! She is incredibly creative, flexible, and responsive. I always have peace of mind that she’ll represent our brand in the best light and will engage her audience while doing so.

—Leslie Thomas, For Bristol Farms—

Corey was a great influencer to partner with. She was responsive and timely. We were thrilled with how the video turned out, and would definitely work with her again!

—Hannah Lindner, For TINDER—

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Growing up near Pasadena, CA, my creativity blossomed as I delved into the LA food scene, food styling, photography, and storytelling. Now, I curate content centered around food, beverage, and travel, while indulging in hobbies like thrifting. Italy holds a special place in my heart, where I found love and embarked on a new chapter in Bologna. Join me on this creative journey of food, travel, and love.