June 4, 2016

S’mores Donuts (Gluten and Dairy Free) – National Donut Day for all

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Last night I decided I wanted to make some donuts to bring in to work and also share at my gym, to celebrate National Donut Day today! The easiest and healthier way to make donuts, that I’ve found is by baking them. This donut pan is essential! Let’s make S’mores Donuts!

I decided to take a little more of a shortcut because I was planning on making 4 different kinds of donuts. There is a recipe floating around the internet that makes it easy to turn cake mix into baked cake donuts! I’m not sure where it originated but here is the recipe that comes up first on google.

I used this recipe, without fail, with 4 different cake mixes (3 regular and one gluten free). I bought the only gluten free chocolate cake mix at my local grocery store. So grab your cake mix of choice and get to mixing!

S’mores Donuts recipe



  • cake mix of choice
  • oil
  • water
  • egg


  • powdered sugar
  • milk
  • cocoa powder
  • salt
  • vanilla


  • small marshmallows
  • gluten free graham crackers


Heat oven. Grease donut pan. Mix batter. Put batter into a zip lock (or piping bag). Snip a corner of the bag and squeeze into donut pan, about halfway full. Pop in the oven.

While donuts bake, make glaze! I used Joy the Baker’s chocolate glaze recipe from here – subbing milk for lactose free milk!

S’mores Donuts Assembly

When donuts are done cooking, let cool then pop out of the donut pan. Grab a muffin tin. Place donuts, spaced out on top of muffin tin holes. Grab a handful of small marshmallows and squish together into a ball. They’ll stick pretty well together. Place marshmallow ball on top of each donut hole. If some fall through, don’t worry. You can leave them or squish them together again. Pop pan into the oven on top rack on HI broil, but watch them closely. You’re toasting your marshmallows! When they’re toasty, take out of the oven, drizzle with glaze and crumble gluten free graham crackers on top!

Obviously this can be adapted to have gluten and be full of dairy!



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