August 3, 2023

The best Apricot Lime Popsicles: simple and delicious

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As the scorching summer sun reaches its peak, there’s no better way to beat the heat than with a refreshing homemade popsicle. When it comes to crafting the perfect frozen treat, the flavor possibilities are endless, especially during peak summer fruit season! One of those magical flavor combinations was unexpectedly born when my husband squeezed lime juice into a halved apricot! The mere thought of the juicy sweetness of ripe apricots blending harmoniously with the zesty tang of fresh lime juice is enough to make your taste buds tingle with anticipation. I’m excited to share our 2 ingredient recipe for the best apricot lime popsicles recipe.

These icy delights are not only incredibly simple to make but also offer a burst of mouthwatering flavors that will transport you to tropical paradise with each lick. Whether you’re hosting a summer gathering, looking for an easy summer dessert, or just seeking a quick and delicious way to cool down, these popsicles are a surefire winner. So, grab your popsicle molds and gather the freshest apricots and limes you can find. Let’s dive into the art of creating the best apricot lime popsicles, guaranteed to bring joy to your taste buds and elevate your summer experience to a whole new level.

The best Apricot Lime Popsicles ingredients

The Best Apricot Lime Popsicles: Simple and Delicious

Makes 6 – 3.3oz popsicles, I have this mold

  • 6 – 7 ripe apricots
  • 2 limes, juiced (of course you can adjust this if you want them more or less tangy)


Pit apricots and roughly chop. If you have a powerful food processor/blender, you can skip chopping. Put apricots into blender. Juice limes into blender. Blend together until smooth. Pour or spoon into popsicle molds. Add popsicles stick. Freeze for at least 4 hours. Enjoy!

These ridiculously delicious treats have become our go-to for instant refreshment this summer. I’ll be whipping up more popsicles before the season ends, and I’d love to hear about your favorite flavors too – share them below!

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